Report from the fishing this weekend

Well, my son and I headed out around 11am to go fish. Late I know but trying to get out of bed and turn around to get him ready at the butt crack of dawn is too much for me to handle. If you’ve ever seen me in the morning it ranks right around watching ooze trying to form a replica of Michaelangelo’s “David”. It ain’t happenin’

I managed to herd my son out the door, which is like herding cats. Shoes…. Hat….your fishing pool, no not your bug net your fishing pole…..where’s your hat……no your hat!…..this hat, this is a hat you know this…..Why are you not wearing shoes yet……SHOES not your sandals…

After getting my son in the car we headed out to Sandy Creek on Lake Travis. First Sandy Creek park is not a Creek nor is it Sandy. Second the water levels were HIGH from the two month monsoon we had AND the recent tropical depression…..poor depressed tropics. Side note, we also get to have our very own hurricane this week. F you Al Gore!!!!…where is the global warming you promised us! Coolest summer we have on record.

Anywho, water levels were high so that means all the bush life on the shore now makes for obstacles in the water.

ok, back on topic. So we get to the park, pay the eight bucks entry fee, for a state park, that my taxes pay for, to get into a park that I supposedly own via public domain….whatever. Its a small matter and I guess it helps the park people out which I am happy to contribute for that cause.

After parking my son and I wander around a little bit trying to find a good spot. Since the boat dock and its parking lot is underwater we have to park up by the front and then scout around for a good half hour. Finally we come to a small out cropping with plenty of shade.

I show my little five year old how to tie a Trilene knot which pretty much went over his head. Loaded up the stinky catfish bait and we both get to fishing. His first cast went all the way to the shore in front of him…..his second went into the rocks. I topped him by casting my first cast into a submerged tree. My second goes into the submerged bushes…third bushes again….fourth the rocks my son got stuck on…..

My son is very disappointed at this point. He was expecting to catch fish and stuff. Instead we lost four hooks, countless bait, snapped the line four times, and spent about an hour dicking around.

Finally we move spots on a small SOLID ROCK out cropping with NO BUSHES or TREES around. we load up the lines and totally managed to …….. catch nothing….for three hours. Yup, three hours we just sat there and roasted in the sun. It was a beautiful day, the clouds kept the sun from killing us out right, the air was clear and you could see for miles, and the hill country was splendid. Yet we caught nothing except for a healthy sun burn.

My son looked at me and asked if we could go home and get some water. I knew it was about time to leave. Four hours and not a nibble….I know when I am beaten. When we were leaving I found a shot glass right there on the rocks. It was one of those mean bunny cartoons that read “You suck…and that’s sad”. So at least I have an eight dollar shot glass to account for the whole thing. I also got some pictures of the whole thing. I’ll post them here soon

1 thought on “Report from the fishing this weekend”

  1. So, lobster man, I think you need better bait 😉 That or give up on catfish and go after something that you don’t have to damn near hook bottom to catch. Catfishes iz tasty but a real pain to catch.


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