Star Trek: Enterprise

I admit it! I have been watching Star Trek since the 80’s. Come on, let’s get this out of the way…. Trekkie, Nerd, Geek, Loser, Klingon arse ……….heh, that last one was a little uncalled for!

Well….so anyways. I have been recording Star Trek: Enterprise on DVR. I also watched the first season on Fox or whatever station was carrying it. It was a frustrating program to try and watch. They kept changing the showing times and ran the series out of order sometimes. Anywho, like typical fashion the show was canceled and I think we only get four seasons of this Star Trek. A Black mark on the Star Trek name and maybe the death nail to the whole business. In terms of new expansions.

The point is Star Trek: Enterprise. Its a show I do enjoy…mostly for the hot Vulcan babe and the ships communication office, Hoshie(sp?). Oh I do enjoy the plot and how the continuity behind the show is smack out of a Joss Whedon’s “FireFly” (another show Fox managed to kill….bastards!). Some things I don’t enjoy are the VEEEEERRY cheesy references to future Star Trek factiods, tidbits, and politics. I could understand a quick comment like “Man, we really need a directive or something. Not” We, going bodly where no man has gone before, need a prime directive, so we may continue or mission, to trek among the stars” with full on theme music that would but the Bolivarian National orchestra to shame.

And some of the personal traits of the crew. I get it, Commander Tucker likes Catfish! Every episode doesn’t need to contain a reference to his mothers fried catfish.

And, for craps sake, could we please get more eye candy of the hot Vulcan babe? Why the hell would you cover her head to toe? She’s hot for god’s sake…..and this is space. Cause….somehow it being space means less clothes for some reason?

I think I lost that point right there.

I’m out *click*

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