Ren and Stimpy

We got to meet some of our neighbors last weekend! Nice pair of fellas! They are just across the street from us.

It is a shame I cannot remember their names. It seems that I was drinking pretty hard during my BBQ event and their names fell victim to yet another drinking and talking accident. Where is M.A.D.D. when you need them…….BAH!

Well, our Ren and Stimpy is reversed in the thinking department. The tall skinny one has years of paint inhalation that keeps a forever challange on his fine reasoning skills. He is a fine person though. Nice as all get out and more than worth talking too….just not firing on all cylinders. So which one is that….Ren or Stimpy? Can I have a ruling on that?

The other is the short chubby one. This guy seems to be fairly intelligent and works for the power company. He is plenty nice and made friends with my mother before we moved out here. He was the fella that apparently disconnected power to my mothers apartment when she made the move out here. Small world huh!

I can’t really tell if these guys are buds or if they are a couple. You never know some times but it really doesn’t matter much. Just plays a part in birthdays….do you get’em an Xbox game or matching Fondu sets?

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