What’s the miter with me?

Well Fathers Day is coming up! I kind of feel bad about it too! I kind of slacked off this year…and last year and the year before that. Hmmmmm, come to think about it I suck at holidays. Yup, I don’t think I have done anything special on mothers days…..other than get my wife pregnant and somehow timed it so our daughter was born on mothers day. I don’t know if that really counts? Is there a referee that can review the rule book and make a call on that one?

The point is that my wife is really good on holidays! My birthday she remembers to organize a party, invite people, get me out of bed and dressed, get me to the party, and remind me why I am there and who those people are. She’s that bad arse on this kind of stuff! Which leads me to Fathers Day.

I have been hinting that I want a miter saw. You know, like sending e-mails that say “I want this for fathers day” and maybe sending a link to the miter saw I want. Little hints that would gently nudge her with the grace of Rosie O’Donnell at a Whack-a-straight-blond festival.

So here is the dilemma….I don’t want the miter saw now!!! The deal is that all the “first bills” are coming in now. Bills like the First Satellite/DSL/Phone bill that I forgot to pay last month, the first truck payment, the first (well, second) electric bill. The problem comes not from making enough money, we are fine on that front. It comes from the “first” bills are usually huge. All these connection fees, and install fees, and choosing them fees, and the fee fees…..they add up!

When it all boils down to is that getting a miter saw is not the problem, its just when. I know my wife would love to get it for me for fathers day. However, we are tight on cash this month. Even so she is offering to put it on her credit card. I know she is very uneasy about it but making me happy means more to her.

Hence my dilemma!

So let me propose this to my loyal reader. Should I:

  • Take her up on it and get the miter saw
  • Delay purchase and get it next month
  • Punch a monkey in the face

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