The more time we spend at El Rancho De Braco, aka. the house, the more people we meet. I happened to meet an old friend of mine that I had no idea lived out there. Nice dude, has a beautiful piece of property and a parrot that looks at me like it wants to bite my eye ball.

Which leads me to Mabelle, that’s May-Bell for you Yanks, the mail lady. Normally I am accustom to my mail personnel carrying an air of urgency and focus when it comes to their trade. Mabelle on the 0ther hand prefers to reek of Southern Comfort and vomit her greeting of cigarette’s and her morning toast.

This in no way reflects on her professionalism, which is impeccable and innovative. I’ve never had my mail person shove my mail into my stomach and snip “Here’s your sh&t…..pus$y”. I am sure I am going to see her picture on the employee of the month wall at the post office…… or the missing poster.

Good day to you Mabelle and till we meet again.

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