Going postal

Does anyone know what the going rate on stamps are? I still keep expecting to pay twenty five cents for a stamp and then get bend sideways when it cost me more than a dinner at Red Lobster! And why the blazes am I sending snail mail? Its only to send bills to people I owe money too! Which means I am spending more money to spend money. Hurmph!

Anywho, I pick up a booklet of 39 caliber stamps at the H-E-B. Its one of those “forever” stamps ….. which makes me reluctant to buy them for some reason. Am I getting married to the stamp? Does this make me some sort of promise-keeper? When we have kids am I able to lick their little arses and stick’em to the wall so I can go watch Myth Busters?

Whatever the outcome is, is they work. I sent in the mortgage payment with a forever stamp and my mortgage company laughed at the irony. I got a call saying that I am a forever account.

Room full of bastards! The lot of them!

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