The Dryer Story Part 3

Yeeee he he he, Demolition. So much fun and I don’t even mind cleaning up the mess. Oh yes, the reason why I am destroying the hutch…..besides my increasing anger at the builder and my frustration on not being done with it yet. I decided that it is not built to “my” standards or any building standard. One plug is on the ground and the other is right next to faucets which I think is also against building code.

The twisted board in this picture is the offending stud. You can also see in the next picture that the top joist is bending from the weight of the shelf. So maybe taking this thing down wasn’t that bad of an idea. Although my wife is super pissed at me! Augh! A true artist is never appreciated in his own time. Hmmm, which she is more than willing to make sure my time ends soon if she doesn’t get to use the laundry room soon.

Here it is all torn down

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