The dryer story part 2

So let’s wrap this puppy up!

I left off talking about how I was going to punch a whole through the wall to the outside of the house so we can vent the dryer. Its actually a simple task for anyone with a 4″ Hole saw, a power drill, a dry wall saw, a tin vent, and some caulk (and of course some screws). Yay, so we know how simple this task is and we can confirm that I know what I am doing…….so lets see how I screwed this up.

My first mistake was assuming that the builder or former owner knew what they were doing. Of course my god hates me dearly and decided that I get to strike out on both accounts. He also managed to play a practical joke on me during my finest moment. Bastard……no god, I love you. Really…….fv#ker.

Right where the dryer vent “would” go is a wall stud……which is dandy! Thanks to who ever put this hutch thingy in. El pic:

See that bundle on the floor between the kicked out dry wall section and the still-dry walled section? That the 25 amp(?) dry plug…..on the floor. I mean really, could you have please have hired Son of Sam from down the street? He could have at least talked to his alien home world to determine the correct 12″ minimum distance from the floor that is required by…..oh…..let’s see……the entire world. Oh yes, you can also see the scrap wood stud that was used. Which happens to be where a dryer vent “would” go. Later on where it had been, remember that phrase.

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