El Rancho de Braco

Honey do list

In keeping my promise, here is the list of things to do around the house:

  1. Wife and mother want a deck with a second story observation deck
  2. I need to brick up the skirt before I make a deck
  3. I need to realign the driveway since half of it is on the neighbors property
  4. Fix the driveway retaining wall
  5. Network the house
  6. Establish a structured wiring with junction box
  7. Fix the electrical sockets in the master bath and in the mothers room
  8. Fix the electrical socket outside
  9. Put in new 1″ wood frames for both entry doors
  10. Weatherstrip all the windows and doors
  11. Get new screens for almost all the windows
  12. Install light switches for the master closets instead of those stupid pull-chains
  13. Install light switch for the pantry instead of that stupid pull-chain
  14. Make a bookshelf for the small library that we have
  15. Organize my shed
  16. Dig out the rock in the back yard (another soon to be post)

I am going to stop there…

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