Children of the corn

When I lived in Austin Major and Austin Minor (Round Rock) there were your fair share of crazy people. Now that I am living outside of the city…sometimes crazy follows you. So, I have a pretty odd cast of characters in my neck of the woods. I have Son of Sam pulling crop patterns for his alien race with his riding lawn mower. I’ve got the Evil Knievel twins spraying rocks and dust over the old people in the neighborhood with their dirt bikes/ATV.

And now we have ………. the Children of the Corn!

About half a mile down the road from me is this huge plot of land. Totally covered in trees, high bushes, and other what not. Totally……blending in, except for the people that live there.

Every morning I see the people that live there, standing by the road waiting for the school bus. I see mom, I see dad, I see another mom and another dad and then I see all the children. Kind of creepy but then…They all have blond hair and blue eyes. Very pale skin and all…..

Creep factor raised when the local pest extermination truck that I see around town pulled into the plot and one of the dads got out. The name of the pest extermination…..”White Knight Pest Extermination”.

Lord have mercy, this is going to problem in the future for me. I’ll have to get a star of David decal for my truck. If you know me then you know that I love to cause trouble and well ……. theres all sorts of crazy here.

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