Talladega talent pool

My wife and I discovered the second most popular method of personal transportation in my neighborhood. The first method is tailgating with your truck.

The second most favorite method is a riding lawn mower. Seriously! In the month that we have lived there it is almost a daily event to see some scrawny teenager (possible future homicidal serial killer). Perched on a lawn mower seat like some sort of gargoyle just coasting along down the street.

The more well off kids in the neighborhood have ATV’s. I can hear them from time to time racing up and down the hill next to me. Hell, yesterday one hauled arse around a corner, fished tailed his ATV and made a cloud of dust and flying rock, straightened out and took off….all on purpose. He knew what he was doing…..he knew how to do it….and he must have been at least ten years old.

I was in awe……and jealous

Not just 100 yards down from Evil Knievel III was another little kid zipping out of his driveway onto the road on his dirt bike.

If you ever want to know where Nascar/Indy 500/Son of Sam goes for their talent pool…..it’s right here in my neighborhood.

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