The truck

Gone truckin’

Sitting in the parking lot here at work is the Chevy 2007 that we might be buying soon.

We went to an auto dealer that is pretty far off from the main city. The salesman, Mike, is a country boy auto mechanic turned to the dark side of the auto industry. Still, I have respect for techs of all breeds.

I know that techs (being a former tech) are very literal and consider it a black mark on our honor not to give accurate information. Unlike a true sales man who would sell his grandmother to the Mexican sex slave market for a high margin sale.

Anywho, Mike is letting us drive the truck for a day to see if it is really something we like. To be honest, I kind of do like the truck. All but the turning radius is just fine and dandy. Seats the family well, has a respectable bed size, moves nicely and is a comfortable ride.

I took my mother for a test drive up one of the nameless roads around the house. Even she, miss “I-know-absolutely-nothing-about-cars” was very impressed with everything!

Well, I just blue blooked the trucks value and we are getting a great deal on it. Also just finished an auto check on the truck and that also comes back cleaner than a hippies colon on chaff wheat diet.

Aaaannd…yup Consumer Reports doesn’t have a recent report on the 2007 model but the comments from owners indicate that this is a good truck.

Only thing left is to take it to the mechanic but I am debating if I should since it still has either a 3 or 5 year warranty….any thoughts on this?

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