*MAYDAY* Fire Fighter down!

Well damn……busted something somewhere in my back and shoulder and it hurts like a son of a biscuit. I catch a lot of flak for preaching proper lifting and not letting others try and show off when lifting. If its a two man lift then I make it a two man lift. Well here I am, lame duck.

We had a heavy shift last week and towards the end we had a cardiac arrest call. Dude was alert and oriented but not looking so hot. Then he was not…barely had time to get the 12 lead on before he tach’ed out (Ventricular Tachycardia). It was weird cause I had the stretcher there next to the patient and as he was falling it was kind of this unspoken…”lift this fat f&#k now or we’ll never get him on a stretcher without an engine crew”. Should of waited for the engine crew…….

Now I am out of action, whining and groaning like an old man, and already fed up with workers comp.. I don’t see how people can recover when W/C is involved. Oh well, gotta jump through the hoops, right?


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