whatever post 1…maybe

I don’t want to blog today. I’ve had the damn thing open (the blog post thing) all day but …shit…no motivation. That was until I had someone that I am some what associated post something on the facebooks about abortions.

First, my stance, I have not g-d damn idea on what to do with it. Keep it legal or make it illegal. Kill babies or kill freedom. Its not simple. Its not easy. Its not black and white. If you want to blast at me and say every life is precious… please find and talk to every spirit of every dead person from the revolutionary war, war of 1812, civil war, and so on an tell them to fuck off. On the other hand, do babies deserve to die because some meth head vag bouncer wants to score a free round? Pretty F’ed up, right?

One thing I can get on board with is making it a state issue. Government, no matter how noble we think we can portray it, is evil. At its very core, it must subjugate the individual to demands by the force of a gun. That, in every sense is evil. We, in a Republic, walk the very fine paradox. As a safe guard, as a precaution, as a responsibility to our future, and as a service to ourselves, we must seek to always find way to bring government closer into our rule. We must always seek out to reduce foreign and distant rulers. Instead replacing them with neighbors of temporary burden.

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