Blogging, the "crisis"

Many moons ago I blogged a lot. That was when I worked at Hell inc., and in reflection I realize I was in a state of depression. It is apparent now that I was kind of using it to escape my problems with my career and the job I had, which I hated with extreme (My boss was a supreme douche and back stabbing coward as well).

Things are different now. I have a career I love, I enjoy going to the station, love my brothers and sisters at the house, just everything about it. I’ve also noticed that my blogging has dropped/stopped. See a relation?

So my “crisis” is that people tell me I am very creative and a good writer. A few have asked me to start blogging again. It kind of speaks to me when people say this. I have tons of ideas and I almost always have a pen and paper near by so I can write down the ideas that pummel through my head. I also see the blog as kind of my baby. The baby that I have neglected and locked in a dark closet.

So as I toy with the idea and maybe even start jotting down posts, enjoy this:

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