A little common sense please

So some poor guy goes to a sarcastically themed fast food restaurant.Either before, during, of after his meal of a “triple bypass burger” he became (I suspect) diaphoretic and aphasic. What I think stinks about this whole story are the other customers of the heart attack barn, or whatever its name is, who reportedly just sat there and watched without offering aid. Even worse, they were all laughing like it was some sort of gimmick. Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot fake diaphoresis. If you see someone that becomes super sweaty, cold, and/or pale shit is about to hit the fan. Another tip would be the fire engine and ambulance showing up. Tends to alert a normal thinking person that something has gone awry.

Laughing at someone in a medical emergency is tasteless and crass. Bad form America, bad form.

El linko from MSNBC


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