Saying “48” is a bitter sweet word with fire fighters/EMS. On one hand we hear “CHA-CHING” and on the other hand we know we are in for a grueling double shift that spans 48 hours.

Running calls almost all day and night long is hard enough. Doing that for two days straight is a test of endurance. It does come with a few perks. The Captain let’s you crash in the crew quarters after truck check in the morning. So the mid-day nap is a life saver! But you have to deal with missing your family for two days, trying to find something to eat, sleep deprivation, cranky attitudes, MAYBE getting a shower, and if your lucky enough to remember to bring several pairs of socks! If you forget the socks you are bound to get “trench foot”. Major sucko!

Some how, some way, I signed up for two 48’s back-to-back with a one day spacer. I guess I wasn’t paying attention or something…. something I am going to remedy from now on! But I am back in the bloggers seat and the calender is free of 48’s.

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