Bank of America

Before things went to shit, my wife and I bought a house. A cheap house in a cheap area, us being the responsible type, we didn’t want to live “above our means”. Instead we picked a place that was below our means. Which is, simply, not some ritzy 3,000 sqft house for 300k.

The recession hit and I get laid off from the borg in favor of some Chinese kid for 1/100 of the pay. Fast foward to today! I’m desperately trying to get my mortgage lowered through the Obama “Hope” plan…. quite frankly its a crock of shit. They do nothing. They’ll sit there and get your total income from you through a series of 20 phone calls all lasting three hours each. At the end of this exhausting accomplishment they tell you that you spend to much on food. Which, in itself is horse shit. Then they transfer you to your mortgage lender to see if they can “help”.

I’ll stop you there. If your mortgage lender is Bank of America you are totally screwed. Just foreclose and save yourself the six month exercise in spiraling depression. Walk away from the house and let Bank of America fucking choke on it. Go rent a cheap cheap apartment somewhere and rebuild your finances.

Sound off if you have Bank of America and they are playing dumb

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