The hits just keep on coming

General suck going on at the moment but I did manage to get a ambulance job. Not exactly the fire house but it pays.

I also noticed that I am not getting e-mail notifications when people comment. Suppose its more of the 2010 karma that seems to hangs on me tighter than a drunk prostitute.

Side note, I did fix my water pump by my self. Saved something like $800 and only spent $200 in total, much of which I could have not spent if I planned ahead a little more. I’m such a good planner… don’t know what went wrong there.

Oh! I think I might write a book. I have all these ideas that I write down on post it notes and stuff. I don’t know why I do it or when I started. I just always had this feeling that I had to write my thoughts when they come to me. I think maybe I wrote them down because I felt like a part of me was dy9ing forever if I did not but this was a way to remember it before it left me. Sounds weird, maybe something like “A thought not remembered is like a love not expressed”. Well maybe perhaps “Lasagna not eaten” which underscores a basic point, wasting.

Anyhow, I shall write. Just as soon as I finish this Scotch and fall asleep 😛

2 thoughts on “The hits just keep on coming”

  1. A thought unremembered is like a gaze unmet, a melody unsung, a forest treefall unheard. But those things don't feel. Love unrequited burns like a flame in the lover, not the love.


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