Happy New Years

In 2010 I :

1) Resolve to get dressed 2/3 of the year. The 1/3 of the year I reserve as optional dress days
2) Resolve to eat a meal once a day. Some days I might even eat several times
3) Resolve to drink more beer. The wife brews beer and I am the official quality control officer.
4) Resolve to eat more red meat and invite PETA over for dinner each night I do. Sometimes even lunch
5) Resolve to abuse the planet and write Al Gore in a photo blog
6) Resolve to shop at Wal-Mart and support the Chinese government as I do
7) Resolve to sign up for the Obama Citizen Block Leader program
8) Resolve to start drinking when the British do…which I figure is 6am my time
9) Resolve to stop procrastinating
10) Resolve to

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