Fire Academy

Day Five, Six, Seven, and Eight

Day Five, Six, Seven, and Eight

We did fire steams on day five, and the rest are a blur. I finally got permission to go off campus to get some medicine. I don’t know what I’ve been doing but somehow I got special recognition.

I guess the instructors knew I was sick as a dying dog but I still kept up with the class making sure I kept pushing until I came seconds away from passing out. Had it not been for my captain making me stop I would have. I had no water in me, I puked but nothing came out. My body was hot but my skin running cool. No sweat….all bad signs. But I finished. I know that if feces hits the thermal osculator I’m able to pull my weight under some pretty gnarly conditions.

So for the entire day I was treated with honors. I know they meant well but I didn’t feel great getting recognized for almost not finishing. But I just need to accept how they wanted to credit my commitment and not my performance.

But seriously, the rest of the days are a blur. I didn’t write in my blog those days and I was so doped up that I remember bits and pieces. I *KNOW* I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast one day. After that……. all a blur

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