Fire Academy

Pre Day One

Pre Day One

I left my home in the Texas Hill Country so that I can arrive an hour before the Fire Academy starts in Crowley, Texas. Home of Training Divisions two week boot camp. Something that TD does that no other fire school does (to my knowledge) is the dorm living for two solid weeks. You leave, eat, breath, and sleep “Fire House”. From 6am (most often earlier) to 8pm (most often later) you are full on Fire House mode. Even when we sleep we have to be ready for fire drills.

So anyways, I made a quick introduction with the fire instructors and then slipped up to the dorm room to pick out a kick arse bunk. Which I did, thanks to the advice of previous students. I got setup and then came the Canadians….wow, holy crap! My class is 3/4 Canuk!

They look normal enough… no 6th finger or webbed toes. Although they did dress like they just finished a Hollywood western marathon. But every freaking word out of their mouth is “Eh” or pronounced “A”. I worked with Canadians before and they never said “Eh” this much.

The instructors got us gathered up and assembled in the class room. Gave us our orientation, and then dismissed us for dinner. This is were I met Mr. Glenn, the food preparer. The poor guy is pushing 60, can’t understand a damn word he says, and cooks everything in the microwave on the nuclear hot setting for 30 minutes. I swear he actually made green beans hard and turned our dinner rolls into solid state ammunition for the Army’s new mass rail gun. He tries and that’s what matters I suppose. I like him but not the food so much, two weeks to go!

Later that night….. k, no one has done their chores. I proceed to mop, scrub the toilets, wipe the mirrors and counters, etc etc. Its about 11:30 pm now I am all geared up. Can’t sleep.

1:20 am – Just finish my third episode of DEA enforcement on TruTV. I am going to try and sleep

*All academy posts have been published after the academy due to technical problems with the academy computers.

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