Rain, Rain, please stay!

Well shoot! We went about two years under a heavy drought down here in Texas. Its a dry heat so its bearable but dang! I haven’t been able to burn any brush for just about two years straight now. So long that I totally forgot that I have brush to burn. It just sits there at the back of my property breeding mosquitoes and what not.

Its been so dry that I hear lakes like Lake Travis, Inks Lake, and the such are so low that boat ramps are being closed and houses there were once lake front property are now distant lake view houses. Freaky.

Well, now for just about the last three weeks or so its been rain just about every other day. Grass that I never knew I had is growing so fast that its knee high now. My dead garden is popping out tomatoes, zucchini, chard, beans, peas, etc. Also found out that my shed has a major leak in the roof.

Plus my entire district is lighting up like crazy. It was a slow summer with maybe one or two tones a day. Now its like seven or eight. Its fun! I love the rain!

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