Hey everyone! I am back from EMT school! I went to go get my EMT-B, aka Basic.

A basic EMT, here in Texas, is trained to aid in basic type rescue stuff. Things like eye injuries, open wounds, partial to full avulsion, evisceration, giving birth, special needs patients, CPR, and other stuff. I make it sound kind of easy, and it is, but the topics are not so generalized and of course they are more detailed.

I went to a school called Training Division. Its basically an on-line school with a one week “boot camp”. I normally loath such “easy routes” in the fire service. Do keep in mind that I have been “doing” the job for six months now. Most of this stuff I learned in the field and up close and personal. Other wise I would strongly recommend that an individual attend a traditional education center for their EMT-B.

So anywho this fits my needs to just pass the damn national test and get on with my life. Its jumping through hoops and any FF can understand that.

So did I pass my school? G-d damn right I did! Now I just need to take my national exam on Monday, wait until they tell me I passed, then give the State of Texas their blood money to get my Texas certification, and then study and pass my counties S.O.G.’s

I’ll be done long before September ends.

Anyways, I’m back!

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