Its was spider-man in the end

I haven’t been blogging lately because my ex-wife is pulling even more crap with me. Its not bad enough that she cheated on me, screws me out of child support, and keeps me from seeing my son. As of lately she no longer wants to meet “half way” which was actually 3/4 to her house. Now she is demanding I meet her at her house 56 miles away all because I didn’t say “hi” to her one day and I don’t call to see how she is doing.

Weird bizarre shit…like I give a fuck how she is doing. I just care that my son is ok. She could have a knife in her skull and I wouldn’t be phased by that. Well, I mean I might if I had medical gloves on me thus making me obligated under Texas law to render aid as a first responder.

So she is using the law to punish me because she got her feelings hurt, or something. I don’t know what to make of this but I have spent the last week calling lawyers and getting legal advise. Much to say, I’ve been bummed out. I’ve been dragging as around the house, dishes are pilling up, wife is wondering when I am going to get off my ass and clean, and I am sitting here wishing that I could fast forward to my sons 18th birthday.

So I am shifting through my e-mail when I see this. Yeah…. it cheered me up. I laughed….. I snorted a little. I even laughed out loud. Yes, truly… I LOL’ed 😛

In the end, it was Spider-man that made me laugh.

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