Second day on the job

We had a slew of medical calls, nothing I can talk about of course. We also had a grass fire that turned out to be a false alarm. I’m not sure what I can talk about when we get a tone but I’ll get that all sorted.

Back at the station we did some landscaping. Mowing, putting rock circles around the trees, clearing brush. Eventually we want to get some compost and cedar mulch to build around the trees. A few benches wouldn’t hurt either as our tree clusters make for perfect shade areas. I brought up the idea of putting a park on the nine acres the FD has. The LT. very much liked that idea.

Best part of my day was the bon-fire! A crew full of fire fighters, 5 gallons of fuel, and two tries and they cannot get a fire going. Mind you we have had two solid weeks of rain and only a day and a half of sunshine. So to their credit the wood was still damp as well as the ground.

I walk up and boyscout a roaring bon-fire. All with a hand full of cedar bark, some twigs, and a lighter. Score one for the probie!

I also introduced Disc Golf to the guys. Bunch of grown men having a great time throwing the disc around. Score two!

Good day and the Lt. wants me on his shift. 🙂

1 thought on “Second day on the job”

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun! Wait until you get to put your Krav skills to work on something? So, when do we get a photo of you all suited up? And no, wrong kind of uniform to be found sexay in.


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