This little piggy went… "OH F@#k"

[POST for Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 posted on Thursday, Feb. 26th]

K, so I fractured my wrist back in October. It was broken by one of the female students, now an instructor getting too aggressive and not following instructions. Its ok, she is female and is allowed to do that. It’s just the males that are not allowed too. Or so I thought.

So here we are, doing a groin kick defense. Simple…. attacker give a groin kick and defender does the block (with slight redirect). My partner didn’t understand “I’m gonna kick you and you do the defend”. I went to kick and well…..heh….so did he. I tend to pull back my kicks since this is class… my partner did not. I took the brunt of the kick right in my toes.

For pretty much the entire class my right foot was numb. The last 15 minutes it started throbbing in pain. Let’s also add in that my healing fractured wrist was twisted in a choke break practice while right in front of both the owner and the head instructor. Both know my wrist was fractured and both didn’t even flinch.

Meh….just venting. I sense that my self-control “issue” is more subjectively evaluated rather than objectively.

ANYWHO! Yeah, my toe is hurting. I going to take tonight off from practice and see if it gets better by Friday.

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