This was my Monday post [bloggers note, I suck and posted this on Tuesday]

Monday…let’s see….what did I do. Um….oh yeah. Worked all day and then…..oh yes…worked all night! Seems with this economic poo poo employers (or just mine) is find a whole bunch of new work and a whole bunch of less people for said work. Which gets dumped on the can-do-it-all guy that is woefully underpaid.

Or so goes the Dilbert comic strip. Is it fictional comedy or Non-fiction my sad reality?

Good news is that “Big Bang Theory” and “How I met your mother” had new episodes! Love “Big Bang Theory”! So freaking funny and fresh new material.

“How I met your mother”…. I like it cause Cobie Smulders is gorgeous. Well… I think it more cause of the charter than anything else. I mean yes she is physically beautiful but her character is just more of a wholesome down to earth kind of thinking. Anywho….YAY for TV! It takes my mind off this prison of overworked and overtaxed life we call the American way!

Maybe we’ll do something useful to our children and abolish the direct income tax

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