Orange belt test

My Krav Maga studio announced in early December that orange belt/level two test will be April 4th.

My yellow belt/level one test (which I passed) was 3.5 hours long. This test, as I understand it, will be 5 hours long. It will cover the white belt/level one, which we refer to as the “basic”, and level two material. I pretty much have to do white belt/level one perfect or close to it. I also have to have intense motivation (for five hours) and execute yellow belt/level two with profession.

my intention on preparing for the test was to practice every move 10 times a day, eat healthy, and do 10 push ups and crunches an hour to the best of my availability. Well…..can’t say I have done every move a day. Pretty much when my mother walks by I put her in a sleeper hold and ask her for her rent money……yeah…I am sure that doesn’t count does it? I have done the push ups, sorta kinda. And I have done pretty well on the rabbit food.

During the holiday I only gained five pounds. I want to get down to 170 lbs by test time so for the last two weeks I have managed very healthy meals, only missing two healthy meals for a hamburger.

From here on I’ll try and keep you updated. I am not going to make another silly promise and try to give you the nitty gritty details but minor milestones can’t hurt. I’ll also let you know when my mother pays her rent.

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