Ted’s bogus adventure

Anyone remember Ted Haggard? Remember……come one…I know you remember. Ok, here is a hint: He got caught snorting coke off of some male hookers wanker. Ok, I lied…it wasn’t coke. It was meth. Still, you should remember him for his good deeds, such as demonizing homosexuality as leader of the Evangelical church.

AAAhhhh, know you remember. Yeah that guy. Well it seems that Ted “Teddy bear” Haggard wanted to pop his head up just enough for some spot light attention from the media. He assures us that his “sickness” still haunts him and that his struggle continues. He asks for your prayers….and of course financial donations can be made out to him directly.

Edit: forgot to include the link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28303033/

Come on Ted, if you gay your gay. Its fine, just admit it. It not cool to cast down damnation on gay’s and then turn around and bounce balls off your chin. Its what we call a hypocrate and frankly Ted…. you haven’t been elected to congress yet…….yet.

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