No good piece of junk

This is the type of stuff that makes my hair stand on end. This is one of the few things that send me into white knuckles and clinched fist.


MINNEAPOLIS – A man has pleaded guilty to answering an online advertisement for baby-sitting work and then using the client’s child to make a pornographic video.

…………The plea agreement says Lemon filmed the child in St. Paul after seeking the baby-sitting job through Craigslist. St. Paul police say the victim was a 2-year-old girl.

I say, just from an emotional response that I can give at the moment, 30 years should be the minimum. Ruining some little girls life just so you can make your pecker happy for 20 seconds….you better thank the police for keeping you safe from other people. Otherwise I would be happy to stand trial for ripping your pecker off and cramming it down your throat.

No good son of a biscuit

1 thought on “No good piece of junk”

  1. 1.) You know this was PRE-pre-meditated because some degenerate was skimming the Craigslist family section looking for people who requesting a sitter. Take notice, parents!2.) I would never consider Craigslist as a place to find a sitter, maybe a used trampoline, but not to find someone I can trust to watch my child. I know this is technically sexist, but I would be suspicious of a male respondent to my babysitting ad. Simply because of my awareness of how sexual predators are almost always male. I avoid strangers altogether when I need childcare.I’s sorry that this happened, but I am not surprised. The anonymity of Craigslist would create an ideal environment for a predator to find a victim. I hope parents will see this as a reason not to use classifieds for childcare. Not saying that this will completely eliminate risk, but I owe it to my child to use good judgment.


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