Updates [Part 3.1]

ok, I lied….but not intentionally. I said this update would be about the fence but I forgot to look for the pictures. Instead I happen to have the pictures about the sandbox project ready!

The sandbox project

I seem to recall it starting on a whim…or maybe I was just strolling through Home Depot. I seem to recall having a purpose while I was at Home Depot…but then I always do when I am looking at all the projects I can do and then talk myself out of cause I know I’ll never finish it.

I remember looking to my left and seeing the landscaping timbers on sale for $1.50 as they had been damaged by the rain. $15.00 later I have the timbers, four long lag bolts, and landscaping screen (keeps soil in but lets water out) and I am out in the garden area looking at sand.

I bought five bags of sand and I ended up leaving Home Depot with a $50 receipt. To be frank its really all a blur. I remember the wife being slightly……justly….miffed at me.

30 minutes later I have all the timber cut and I am installing the lag bolts on all the corners. The landscaping screen has been sandwiched into the timbers as the “bottom” of the sandbox.

Then came time to empty the five bags of sand into the sandbox. Then shortly after came the immense disappointment when I realized that five bags of sand is woefully inadequate to fill my sand box. Shortly after that I realized that it would take over $200 bucks to get enough sand in the sandbox if I buy it all from Home Depot.

Praise be the Craigslist….mercy by thy name! I found some guy giving away a mountain of sand nay just a few days after the christening of the sandbox. The sand kind of like poo but a good hose bath and about an hours worth of work and the kids have a full stock sandbox. Perfect for the wife to stick them in while she reads her Vampire books (Twilight?) and drinks her Mexican martinis

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