Sprained wrist

About three weeks ago I managed to sprain my wrist. We were doing some grappling work at the Krav studio and the night I hurt my wrist I had partnered up with Elana. She is pretty aggressive and goes full gusto into all the moves, which is something I like from any partner. However that night she moved to fast for me to properly prepare myself for a top mount reversal.

A top mount is where the defender is on his or her back and that attacker is literally sitting on their [the defenders] stomach. The reversal part comes into play when the defender traps one of the attackers feet and, depending on the attack, bucks the attack of their [the attackers] base (from sitting) and on to their [the attackers] hands to re-base, usually.

It is at that point that the attacker, when in practice, should turn their hand(s) from palm on the mat to back of hand on the mat. As the next part of the reversal comes when the defender traps the hand that they are going to flip on. If you have your palm on the mat then all your weight is on your wrist…while turning….and you palm is great for traction…so your hand gets stuck and you end up breaking it or screaming loud enough so that you stop mid-way through and only sprain it.

When you do this move right in training then you [the attacker] literally spin your backhand-to-mat and everything is fine and dandy.

To make matters worse…I kept going. My wrist didn’t hurt initially, I mean except from the sharp pain from when it happened. About a minute later it went away and I kept going. Later that night I was doing some bag work and I managed to roll my wrist on a right jab. It was then that I knew I did some damage is it did not stop hurting. It was a bad night for me and it put me out of Krav for about three weeks now. I am dying to jump back in!

In summary: Elana is a warrior beast woman and really has no concept of scaling back….which like I said is a good thing….usually. She trains like she fights and that means someone is eventually going to get hurt…which is expected. Just wish it was someone else.

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