Updates [Part One]

Its been a rough couple of months and my post count reflects that. Once an avid poster, my post count has slowed to a trickle. I have had a lot going on recently that took so much of my time that I either did not have time to post or I simply did not want to.

The first thing I have been doing in my free time is EVE online. EVE is a video game that you log into and play with other people from around the world. Its a game that is based in a futuristic space empire type setting. You have four main races/empires fighting for domination. Its a game I played many years ago when it first went to beta testing.

Back then I had started my own corporation (guild) called Atlas Incorporated. We grew quickly and became one of the top corporations in the game. It was thanks to my ex-wife that I had to quit the game and give it all up. It was something that nagged at me for years. So about three months ago I decided to give it another go and try to recreate what I had lost.

Three months ago I started a new corporation (new character as well) and started building it up. Taking lessons learned from the first time plus lessons learned in real life and putting them to application. We actually grew very very quickly and wildly successful. We were building things for the in-game market, turning a nice profit, mining low security space, developing players, etc.

Things started to turn downhill about a month ago. To make a long story short, the economy is bad, I have to figure out how many people are going to lose their jobs, I can’t run a video game guild and do that at the same time. I asked a friend to help me run the corp, he sucked at it and blamed me. Everyone believed him and left my corp for his newly formed corp.

Now there is a lot more to this short story. But it did teach me something…if you are going to build an organization of any kind, plan the infrastructure well in advance. The second thing I learned was that when it comes to video games I really need something I can pick up and drop down when I need too. EVE online is not one of those games. As such, I am selling my account in hopes that some pale faced kid in his mothers basement will give me his paycheck from the video store.

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