Eating right

You may not have noticed my weight ticker as been plateaued at 180 and if you haven’t you’re a bad person. Sorry, if you haven’t noticed my weight ticker as been plateaued. I’ve been at 180 for about two months…..maybe less.

Not to say that I am not losing fat….just gaining muscle as fast as I lose weight. And I do notice when I do those midnight nude poses in the mirror. I’m very sexy.

Yeah, anywho, 180….last two months…right…right. So needless to say I got a little frustrated at not being able to drop down.

So I looked towards changing my diet. I did and that the end of the blog post. Crap man….I need a scribe. BRB and I’ll finish this post then……..crap. Did I save this post or publish it? Damn, gotta run

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