Pee fingers!

Does anyone else find it disturbing that some people answer their cell phones while in the rest room? I for one do….find it disturbing that is! I think it is gross! Do you (if you are one of the people that do this) realize that we can hear you and other people doing their business. Frankly when I am discussing quarterly business performance I don’t want to hear the guy in the next stall going in a full out blitz to clean his colon.

And I am going to spend the rest of my days know that the cell phone is never going to get washed. Yeah, that’s right! You may wash your hands after you spray down the urinal but does your cell phone get sanitized? The answer….. NO. No it does not! And you know what!? About five second after you walk out the restroom you are reaching for that phone again, assuming you ever put it away. Now all that funk is back on your hands and just waiting for you to run head long into a spear like attack in an attempt to shake my hand.

Then you are going to stand in my office smearing your hands all over my desk…..your pee hands, all over my desk. Did you learning nothing of Athens! Hygiene is paramount in cramped and crowed spaces. My god I work with crazed feces throwing baboons. Why even come into the office dressed and hair combed? Screw it! Really! I mean you totally cannot respect anyone else. Why give us the curtesy of business dress code. Just come into work in your scooby-doo PJ’s and a wicked case of bed head.

Hell, just bring you breakfast too! Plop down in the middle of the hall way and slurp your frosted flakes as your read your god damn comics! Why, for the love of a civilized society, should you even give a damn about common courtesy. And you might as well relief yourself in the corner, you’ve shown you can’t even take time out of your life to dress yourself on our behalf…..go for it all! Just completely abandon the last threads of what makes us top of the animal hierarchy. Just start eating your own children you horrible animal! Wander these lands in a primary driven lust for the basics of the Maslow hierarchy!

Piss on all the accomplishments and standards we set for civilized human behavior! PEE BOY! ARG!




Happy Monday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Pee fingers!”

  1. Remind me to never shake your hand when you come t……..wait….. ok I was going to ask why you had the laptop in the restroom. I answered my own question 😐


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