Cancelled the StarBlast 6

I called up www.telescope.com and let them know to cancel my order!

Look, it said free shipping. There was not special writing, no asterisks by “free shipping”, no special markings. Trust me I am pretty anal when it comes to looking for little “gotcha’s” but this was condition free. That is the who reason why I placed the order with www.telescope.com! let’s face it. When you are talking to someone like me I expect you to live up to your word or to established expectations. In this case it was both as they SAID free shipping and did not clearly or unclearly indicate a special condition. In fact it was totally absent in this case.

After the series of events on Monday, the apathetic attitude of Jon the customer [no]service representative and this constant feeling that I was really pissed at being lied too I just had to cancel the order. There was no way I could enjoy the product with that type of taint on the experience.

Oh man I am still reeling from the BS attitude I got….yeah, it really does make me up set. The SoB chastised me for not looking through 19 pages of literature to find one little sentence. Up your dude! If you want to do business you need to be clear and upfront on how you are going to conduct yourself.

So I swung over to www.telescopeS.com. That is Telescope with an S at the end, yes that makes it plural. I did a quick buying wizard and found a telescope that is just slightly less powerful than the StarBlast BUT has a tripod AND is $100 less!

I loaded that into my shopping cart and not only is in stock (something that www.telescope.com can’t say) but shipping REALLY is free with this company. So the scope is on order and should get out to El Rancho de Braco by the 13th, www.telescope.com was going to ship on the 19th.

Competitive shopping for the win!!!

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