No tag backs

I don’t want to be THAT guy. The one that is anti-social and doesn’t want to play in fun little games. Well, actually I am and it normally doesn’t bother me but Monica anticipated it and recently some have given me a few jabs about this. So ok, fine! Six things you didn’t know about me but now you will. May Shiva frown upon you and fruitcake will become your Christmas gift this year. >:-(

  1. I have wanted to write a book (Monica did too but since I am older it means I wanted to first and she is just a poser…..if you have a full sentence can you still use a parentheses?). I even have several manuscripts that I have hidden away in fear they may see the light of day and thus waves of ridicule and pointed laughing in my direction.
  2. I am SCARED of heights. Coming from a fella that finished the Air Force ROTC and has his ground wings….SCARED of heights.
  3. A former huge fan of horror movies…I am now border line schizophrenic thanks to that devil movie “The Grudge”. Cats scare me now…..
  4. Abused child
  5. The first love of my life died in a car wreck three weeks after she told me that she felt the same way about me.
  6. I LOVE Goldfish crackers! They smile until you bite their heads off

So I have to tag six other people, so the rules go. So,

  1. LawDog
  2. AD
  3. Mr. Fixit
  4. Marko
  5. Tamara
  6. Memphis Steve

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