My scribblings

My scribblings……or lack there of as been due to another recent surge of work. It happens.

As of late, I have been putting more focus on my personal network. I’m in the process of cleaning up some rough edges, removing people that don’t belong and can be damaging to my network.

In other news, I did my federal theft summary report last night. I show a hefty return of my own money coming back to me…..that was until my filing got rejected. So now I have to go back and check everything, which is a total pain in the rear end.

I have also been playing this game called Ikariam (www.Ikariam.org). It is mighty addicting for a history nerd like me. It is set in ancient Greece and you have to build your city-empire. This is my kryptonite. I put a link off to the side of you to go check it out. I live on Iota server and if you plan on signing up just shoot me a message. I’ll try my best to help out.

let’s see…..there is other stuff and I’ll try and make another post during lunch when I can catch a break.

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