Happenings around El Rancho de Braco

Well winter has a real way of turning a buzzing neighborhood into a barren landscape. See we Texans, or Texians depending how old school you want to get, are warm blooded critters. We are accustom to temperatures of 85f to 112f. To have it be 38f outside is a guarantee that the streets will be barren of children playing and the lawn mowers locked in the sheds.

This winder season we have been kind of lucky. We did get breaks of warm weather which was a sure bet that the riding lawn mower would again be a street obstacle again. The only exciting thing was our new trespasser who also doubles as my neighbor. He managed to get the bejesus scared out of him when he was aimlessly (and should I add carelessly) walking around. He apparently forgot where he was and I was very happy to remind him whose property he currently occupied with his physical mass…. with the Browning firmly in my paw. He of course wants to talk about where his property ends and where my begins….survey flags didn’t explain it enough to his liking.

So with the cold weather and crotchety old men wandering about I think I have taken a shining to the idea of building a fence. I would first like to build a stone fence in the front of the property. It connects to the street and the local youngster enjoy a good drag racing. I am not a huge fan of it and I would like the noise to stop. Hence building a stone wall in the front of the property. On the side I am planning a wood fence, mainly due to the easement with the public utility district. Oh I am not worried that they are going to be putting in any new power lines in solid lime stone anytime soon but why risk it. On the back of the property I am going to make a cedar fence. The back part of the property over looks the cliff and the rest of the hill country (remember I live on top of a hill). I have been saving all the straight trunks and thick branches in preparation of building a cedar fence. So all that goes on the back of the property.

So that is the planning part. As of late I have been clearing the property lines of shrubs, trees, large rocks, small children and the sort. I have mason line running down the property lines and now I am getting to the point where I need to start digging post holes. So goes being a property owner…..

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