Baby showers! catch’em before they hit the ground!

We packed up the family on Saturday and headed out to the baby shower of my friend Mikela and Brandon. They are having their first child together (Brandon has one from a previous marriage)! So that is going to be fun to wat……I mean good for them.

The baby shower was the house of a friends of Mikela’s. It was off by Slaughter lane I think. For your out of towners like myself, that is in south south Austin.

Wow, I can see that the city is going some tax dollars to that area. Talk about a total refacing of south side! High end strip malls, High end shopping centers, High end office buildings, and High end standard of living. Wonder how that sits with the poor folk that gave tax dollars to only have that turned around to develop their area? Wonder if they think about all that when they pay their property taxes.

Anywho, it was a nice shower and our host was very gracious. She also was very enthusiastic with showing her cleavage. Also which her 18+ old daughter was most happy to keep the tradition alive. Not that I mind… đŸ™‚

M & B got the average baby swag! Baby bath, poo hankies, poo wipes, diaper back, etc etc. You know, from experience I can say that a big baby shower is such a big help. I think in both cases with my children, it was the baby shower that gave us our first six months worth of supplies that was just a huge help. Maybe when you go to your next baby shower you might want to keep that in mind.

Really, how often to you think about your gift at a baby shower? You get something, most likely, not thinking to hard about. Yeah, some pacifiers or whatnot……but coming from a daddy….when you are standing at the crib at 3:36 am and are frantically looking for one it helps to have all those extra ones.

So here is some closing advice for a baby shower gift for those that want to up show everyone else. Get Two infant BOXES of diapers from Sams. Three BOXES of unscented baby wipes. Three packages of pacifiers. And a round trip airfare for the grandparents to come and baby sit so the parents can rent a hotel for a night to catch up on sleep.

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