This mornings news – Racism and good manners

It should be no secret that I detest real racism. From so called “black leaders” propagating Americans suppression into a destructive mind set to politicians evading responsibility of creating a black market environment. How ever this form of racism just makes my blood boil

The link

A 20 year old young woman was kidnapped, held hostage, raped, forced to eat animal poo, was beaten, and stabbed, and probably other horrible things that hasn’t made the news……why? Because her skin colors is not white. Oh this is so infuriatin! How could anyone do this to another human being? This white supremacist crap is just a club for scared stupid people.

In other news

Jacksonville, Flor-uh-duh

A mother makes her son hold up a sign in front of their house that reads”

“I was rude to my teacher

I can’t come to school

I am sorry”

The news and I guess folks around the country are asking if this is to much or if this is wrong. My answer….. No freaking way is this wrong. This generation of parents and their children are growing up with any respect for other or self dignity in public. People constantly go out into public wear nasty clothes and showing off their butt cracks. They talk loudly on the cell phone, smack fries while they pick their nose, and cut others off in traffic. People are rude to each other, refuse to say “please” and “you are welcome”. People take pills to make themselves feel better while ignoring their health, expect others to take care of them, get married for the wrong reason, and refuse to act like parents and act responsible when they get each other pregnant.

So when I see a parent taking action like this and setting some sort of standard long forgotten in the annuals of American history that will certainly go unread I say “good for you madam, good for you”.


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