Getting in touch with my inner luberjack

One of the few things that relax me is work on the property. Serious! I’ve come to realize that playing video games on the computer keeps things unchanged in terms of stress and only working outside really drains my stress. Its something to due with using my muscles and the challenge of getting this or that done. Not to mention the instant gratification of having work done in front of my eyes. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your self worth.

This weekend I was preparing the back portion of the property that abuts the cliff. I am getting ready to build my house and I am in the processes of clearing that portion of the property. My arsenal is a bow saw, a machete, and some limb clippers. I was cutting up a fallen cedar (Hoo-rah!) while the wifey was out walking with the CLG. I guess she noticed how freaking hard it is right now with my limited arrangement of cedar killing weapons.

My wife said the coolest thing, “You need a chainsaw”. Wow, instant …well… you know. A freaking chain saw! I’ve been thinking about a chainsaw for a bit now. I always talked myself out of it but when I am working I come back to wanting one.

So we did a little research and set a budge of $80 for one. Nothing fancy, I just need something that will get the job done. So after deciding to get one at H-E-B, since we need groceries anyways, we headed off!

Of course when we get there I zip off like a fat kid in a candy store, complete with arms out like a pretend airplane a giggling like a school girl, I find myself looking at the chain saws. One is a gas powered 14″ and the other is an electric 16″. Gas powered it $108 and the Electric is $69. Looks like I am going electric! Mind you its my only electric yard toy so keep your comments to yourself.

Fast forward to the next day and I have felled four tress, cut them up, cut up one I felled from yesterday, and trim several trunks that I couldn’t cut right from before using the bow saw.

My end objective is to get all the felled trees cut to fire wood size and store them in the open door shed. Then go after the remaining Cedars and do the same. Then I have several oak saplings that need a transplant to other parts of the property. Then its on to stump removal and finally the transplant of my big oak that is right smack in the middle of my future house.

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