Putting on the Double Time

I need to double time it on my analysis of the Rudy platform as it looks like this will be Rudy’s last day in the presidential race. So here are the remaining planks to Rudy’s 12 comman…..commitments.

5. I will impose accountability on Washington.

Look, no you won’t. I don’t know what is more contemptuous that you would think that we are so stupid to believe that you are going to clean up Washington or that some of us are actually that dumb enough to believe it.

6. I will lead America towards energy independence.

Judging by the rest of your plan it looks like you will stagnate our nation and will literally continue the very practice that keeps up behind on innovation….. Corporate welfare.

7. I will give Americans more control over and access to health care with affordable and portable free-market solutions.

No….I read your platform on that. You are looking to take additional federal funds that we do not have and spend it on health care for the poor. This will add to the causation of our enormous inflation and make the rest of us teeter in the edge of poverty.

8. I will increase adoptions, decrease abortions, and protect the quality of life for our children.

For it, then against it. Whatever…so if I believe you this week on this issue then how are you going to do it. Tax people more for getting an abortion? Remember that there is a Democratic congress? You don’t have the power to do any of this.

9. I will reform the legal system and appoint strict constructionist judges.

Aka, you friends. Constructionist…not constitutionalist. Constructionist is the Neo-Conservatives new word for Imperialism. Its something that has been sprouting up lately. Remember you heard it here first.

10. I will ensure that every community in America is prepared for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Ich bevölkere die Völkerpolizei in jedem Haus, um Sie aufzupassen. Wenn Sie sogar sagen, daß alles gegen den Zustand, dann, das wir kennen, sind Sie ein Terrorist. sieg heil! sieg heil!

11. I will provide access to a quality education to every child in America by giving real school choice to parents.

BUW-HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! *GASP* ….. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. If you Read his platform he wants to double the size of the federal educationdepartment.

12. I will expand America’s involvement in the global economy and strengthen our reputation around the world.

Did anyone miss what happened when our stock market farted last week? Japan and several nations around the world literally shit their pants. How strong is strong? And about our reputation….yeah…..can we stop doing that? I am pretty sure that all the other nations are pretty pissed at our current “reputation”.

Maybe its time to stop spreading our reputation and trying focusing on us for a few decades.

ok, there. That’s all I really want to write about Rudy at the moment. Like I said its a high probability that he will drop out of the race when the votes come in.

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