Working out again

Here I am at my desk….eating a bowl of paste quality rice with Sesame chicken from the lunch room. And how does it taste…..goooooooooooood. Yeah, I just got done with a short work out and had very little eat all day. So this Sesame bowl is super yummy and I’ve got the Vapors “Turning Japanese” song suck in my head.

Look folks this is the random crap the bounces around in my skull

Also, as I mentioned, I am working out again. I realized that my ulcer, lack of sleep, and general being a dick mode was due to a great amount of work and very little break time. So I am taking my lunch break and forcing my self to at least to 30 minutes of the elliptical bike for 30 minutes and having it set on “fvck this is hard” mode.

In a month I’ll had some bad ass legs and a beer gut. But damn it! I’ll have some mighty strong legs.

Could come in handy when the first of the fiscal year promotions come down the pipe and things turn Thunder dome around here.

*widdling chop sticks in to short spikes*

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