When will September end?

I am watching the presidential whoring of America this year. Its an interesting event to watch …. like watching a train wreck. I am starting to put some thought behind why I feel the way I do. I mean I listen to all the Demies and the GOPiers and I hear fear mongering and pandering. Its nothing new I suppose…but this year it is starting to hit home. No, not the fear. The fear mongering I mean I just feel that our Republic is dying in a squabbling fervor of childish name calling and hair pulling.

On the blue isle I hear that we need more government for Health Care, More Protection from boogie men in Businesses, and More Government against the GOP. Then I hear that we need more Government to make more Business, More Protection from boogie men in the sand, and more Government against the DNC. well…..except for Ron Paul but that is another story.

And then there is the media who in, amazingly, the same breath make Anna Nichole Smith THE number one story while ignoring what many would call “real” issues. Yes, they are a business and they have whored themselves out, to hell with their ethics. People are scared and I don’t blame them. Where do you go now for some guidance? Its been our parents generation and ours that said to hell with personal reasoning and thinking for yourself.

My brother sparked this epiphany when he said “So I suppose you’re ok with looking out your living room window and seeing a battle ground”. Honestly I would rather not! I would like to see my yard and the hard work I put into it. I would like to see my children enjoying their play time. I would like to see my wife taking a walk with my daughter and looking at the butterflies. I would like to see my mother tending to her garden. But if the question is asked “Am I scared to fight to defend my nation even at the cost of having my security threatened from a foreign or domestic army” then my answer is No…..the free and the brave live here, in this house at least.

So I hear all but one of the GOP Candidates tell me to fear the boogie man. I hear the Demies telling me to fear mass groups of the population dying due to lack of medical care. As if in November million will die if I make the wrong choice.

What happened to the land of the free and home of the brave?

Sold….to the political parties

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