The “Don” Giuliani – 12 Commitments: Immigration

“Real immigration reform must put security first because border security and homeland security are inseparable in the Terrorists’ War on Us. The first responsibility of the federal government is to protect our citizens by controlling America’s borders, while ending illegal immigration and identifying every non-citizen in our nation. We must restore integrity, accountability and the rule of law to our immigration system to regain the faith of the American people.” – Mayor Rudy Giuliani

We need to watch out. We really really need to watch out here. So many of the candidates are linking our national security with immigration as if the two were one in the same. Here is the bubble burster….its not. It can be said that they are linked but that is the same with our foreign policy and military organization.

Our problems with immigration stems from a system that gives entitlement of aid and goods to illegal immigrants. It also gives an entitlement of aid and goods to legal immigrants also. You need to understand why people immigrate here rather than…oh…lets say Croatia. Do you see mass droves of Mexican people hoping planes, trains, and automobiles to the Croatian borders? Pretend that Croatia was attached to Mexico….would you see Mexican children running ahead of the parents skipping down a torn up road to their new half blown up house in the middle of a war torn nation?

People come to America to work. To make money. To live freely. It is one of the greatest sources of pride that I get when I met a new immigrant and they talk about how the freedoms are so much better here than from where they came from. That they can work hard and make something of themselves here.

But I have lived in a border state all my life and I get a pretty good account of what is happening lately. I now notice that most immigrants don’t have to work. They get checks from the state and national government that exceeds two fold what someone would get from Social Security. And that’s for the Illelgal immigrants. Free medical, Free education, Free money, Free housing some of the time….so yeah, now America took down the sign that said “Work hard, live free” To “Come here and vote for us and will pay you”. Ok, so on to The Don’s platform:

Current as of 1/23/2008 @ 8:29 am


Bring Order To The Border

Congress authorized the construction of 700 miles of border fence in 2006 and then appropriated over $1.1 billion for border security. However, Washington has only built a few dozen miles of fence. Rudy will commit to building the fence – both physical and high-tech – now, while deploying and maintaining 20,000 Border Patrol agents and measuring their progress toward ending illegal immigration. It is important to accomplish this goal in order to preserve and expand legal immigration.

Why oh why do we have a military if the border patrol is doing THEIR job for them? Does it bother any of our service men and woman that they signed up to defend our nation and then the border patrol gets to do it?

Also, we have a fence already. They dig under it, climb over it, and hell sometimes they make holes in the fence and climb through it.

Remember folks, a wall good enough to keep “them” out is also good enough to keep you in.

Implement BorderStat

Rudy will propose BorderStat to bring accountability to measuring the progress in securing our borders. BorderStat is modeled after the Mayor’s successful New York City program CompStat which helped reduce the city’s crime by imposing accountability. It will use key indicators to identify both effective enforcement strategies that demonstrate tangible results and areas of the border where we are failing so the failures can be immediately corrected.

Readers, take a second to research The Don. I call him The Don for a reason. His history is violent, corrupt, and dirty. He is well known for pushing for partnerships with New York to his personal friends. He literally is a mobster and the media has reported on his mob ties before.


Issue A Single, Tamper-Proof Biometric ID Card

Rudy will propose the Secure Authorized Foreign Entry Card (SAFE Card) to be uniform for all non-citizen workers and students, utilizing tamper-proof and biometric features for secure identification.

Who is going to get this card? Canadians? Mexicans? Most likely Mexicans….so then everyone that looks like a Mexican is going to be asked for this card. Then everyone that is Mexican is going to have to get this card. But then that is racist so everyone will have to get this card. There National ID. Congrats, the Ghestapo.

Create A Single National Database Of Foreigners

It is critical to America’s security to have one national database of non-citizens in our country. Rudy will propose consolidating all existing databases into one so a foreigner’s legal status can be quickly checked.


Identify Those Who Have Left The Country With Biometric Check-out System

Forty-five percent of illegal immigrants in America came into our country legally but overstayed their visas. Rudy believes we need a biometric check-out system so we know who has left America and can focus enforcement on those who remain.

What is with his bio-metric slant? Anyways, why can’t we hire civilian companies to do this. The Federal government is well known for being inefficient. While private companies live and die by their performance. Then what happens when I want to take a trip to Ireland or something. Do I have to surrender my DNA to the government. Oh I can here it now “Well if you ain’t dun nothin illegal then wat do u you haave to worry bout’, he he he”.

Yeah, as long as the government doesn’t want to kill me than I should live my life as a fat, happy, stupid person. Screw holding the government to a set of standards and law.


Deport All Illegal Aliens Who Commit A Felony

America currently only deports 14% of the roughly 300,000 foreigners who commit crimes in our country. Rudy will commit to deporting all foreign individuals who have abused their privilege of staying in the United States.

As long as we are not talking about running a stop sign or something then I can agree with this.


Require All Immigrants to Truly Read, Write & Speak English

Rudy believes immigration and Americanization go hand-in-hand. As President, he will propose that all immigrants who want to become citizens must truly read, write, and speak English and learn American civics. For the American experiment to succeed, we need a common language.

Yeah, that’s actually normal. They should also surrender any dual citizen status. Sorry you cannot wave two flags as your home country.

In all, immigration is not hard to get right if you know what the problem is. Rudy is from New Yak and not Texas. I can’t see here and in his speeches that he gets what the immigration problem is. Cause immigration is not the problem. The problem IS the entitlement system.

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