Back to the old format

Well folks…I have been using Neo, a third party blogger template, for some time now. I love the functionality of some of the stuff. For instance you can have your main post ready to read. If one of your readers wants to read your other posts then ONLY the post they want to read is loaded. Unlike the blogger templates which digs into your entire blog to pull the post in question. Simply it gets what it needs and not the whole damn thing.

I also liked how Neo gave you more options to take advantage of all the wasted space that the default blogger templates neglect to give you.

Anywho….for some reason the site meter wouldn’t work with the Neo template. And let’s face it, this blog is totally about my ego and that site meter is a must. Also it didn’t allow me to delete those spammer comments that you can leave at the end of a post. And finally I had several of my friends say they didn’t like it for much of the same reason….more so being able to see more than one post at a time.

So I decided to jump back to the old “Script” template. I feel less cool, less trendy, and down right just plain again……oh and for some reason all the comments are not showing up. This might be the thing that prompts me to build my own site like I have been thinking about. A place to publish all my letters, stories, pictures, etc…. but then again that’s a lot of work.

Mood: Bummed

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