A call to arms

As I ranted about in a previous post about the court systems enabling features of custody battles, it seems that fruit hasn’t fallen from the tree for very long before it became time to talk about it.

In this case a blog friend of A.D. is under fire from her [abusive] ex-husband. Losing every case, found to be perjuring his own testimony, and other stuff (you can read the blog post). Now this piece of work is attempting to use the very weapon I talked about, harassment via litigation. Except this time the con-artist is using his mothers insurance money that she got when her husband died in a house fire 9I assume he died) to bleed this mother dry and ultimately gain custody by default when she cannot afford to contest.

Where is the court in this? When are they going to rule that he pays her legal fees for all the years he has tried to assault her with a wave of baseless motions and filings?

Anyways, if you get a chance read her story here and off to the right you’ll see a donation link. Give a dollar, Five, Twenty, or maybe even $20k 🙂

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