The saga of B.S.

Why is Brittney Spears so much fun for me to blog about? Well put it this way; Some people lead by example and some people ARE the example….I’m doing this for the children

B.S. is now a confirmed drug addict

B.S. has mounds of public articles following her moon bat crazy behavior

B.S. managed to flash the world her naughty parts (and largly grossed everyone out, talk about a let down).

B.S. has destroyed he career….pretty much

Now in her on-going saga of her children…..well what can you say? Its like voting Republican or Democrat

One side you have a drunk, drugged up, free for all loser

– OR –

You have a spoiled, whinning, self-absorbed, self-rightious, no talent ass clown prick

Hey, don’t ask me to try and figure this out. I am just here to watch the show and maybe get a bucket of pop-corn.

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